Packaging Materials

Tea Chest Carton

Strong, multipurpose carton
L 431 x W 406 x H 596
 Tea Chest Carton - Removalists Adelaide
Book Carton

General all-purpose carton
L 406 x W 298 x H 431
 Book Carton - Removalists Adelaide

Flat Wine Inserts

for 12 bottle

 Flat Wine Inserts - Removalists Adelaide
Crystal Carton

Well cushioned double layer corrugated cardboard. Specifically for fragile items
L 403 x W 301 x H 330
 Cristal Carton - Removalists Adelaide
Crockery Carton

With dividers to pack away stemmed glassware or crockery
L 600 x W 300 x H 306
 Crockery Carton - Removalists Adelaide
Picture Carton

Specifically for picture frames or artwork
L 1040 x W 774 x H 75
 Picture Carton - Removalists Adelaide
Archive Carton

Strong all-purpose with built in carry handles
L 390 x W 306 x H 260
 Archive Carton - Removalists Adelaide
Flat Pack Carton

General purpose perfect for clothes and linen
L 915 x W 504 x H 320
 Flat Pack Carton - Furniture Removals Adelaide
Television Carton

Fits most televisions
L 610 x W 610 x H 510
 Television Carton - Furniture Removals Adelaide
Strong twin cushion cardboard makes it ideal for packing and shipping within Australia and Overseas
L 600 W 600 H 400
 Furniture Removals Adelaide
Plasma Carton

With inserts and straps

Medium Carton
L 1430 x W 325 x H 750-1100

Large Carton
L 1750 x W 300 x H 800-1200
 Plasma Carton - Furniture Removals Adelaide
Cube Carton

L 300 x W 300 x H 300

Medium - Computer Monitor Carton
L 500 x W 500 x H 500

L 625 x W 625 x H 625
 Cube Carton - Furniture Removals Adelaide

with rod for easy transport of clothes

L 595 x W 476 x H 750

L 594 x W 476 x H 1099
 Port a Robe - Furniture Removals Adelaide


Bicycle Carton

Protects most bikes
L 1700 x W 200 x H 1030

 Bicycle Carton - Removals Adelaide


Marking Pens

Used to identify cartons

 Marking Pens - Removals Adelaide


Packaging Tape

Used to close up cartons
24mm x 50m

 Packaging Tape - Removals Adelaide


Packing Paper

Protection for fragile items such as kitchenware etc
5 kg (580 X 810)

 Packing Paper - Removals Adelaide
Packaging Knife

Extendable slit blades

Packaging Knife - Removals Adelaide


Bubble Wrap

Extra protection for fragile items such as kitchenware etc
5 metre Roll (500mm)

10 metre Roll (500mm)

 Bubble Wrap - Removals Adelaide


Acid Free Tissue

Extra protection for delicate items 960 sheets
400 x 660

 Acid Free Tissue - Removals Adelaide


Dining Chair Cover ( 2 covers per pk)

Protection from dirt, dust and water
L 1250 x W 950 x H 250

 Dining Chair Cover - Cheap Removalists Adelaide


Lounge Chair Cover ( 2 covers per pk)

Protection from dirt, dust and water
L 1950 x W 1600

 Lounge Chair cover - Cheap Removalists Adelaide


Mattress Covers

Protection from dirt, dust and water
Single Size Bed Cover

L 2250xW 1200 x H 250
Queen Size Bed Cover

L 2500 x W 1600 x H 300
King Size Bed Cover

L 2550 x W 1850 x H 350

 Mattress Covers - Cheap Removalists Adelaide


Packaging Blankets

Felt pads for furniture protection

1800 x 2000

 Packaging Blankets - Cheap Removalists Adelaide



 Padlock - Cheap Removalists Adelaide

Fragile Labels

To identify fragile cartons

10 per packet

Fragile Labels - Cheap Removalists Adelaide

White Styrene Foam Chips

Provides cushioning to protect fragile items

200 litre Bag

 White Styrene Foam Chips - Furniture Removalists Adelaide

Starter Pack

25 Tea Chest Cartons and 25 Book Cartons

 Starter PAck - Furniture Removalists Adelaide


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