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Planning to move house.

It can be a very exciting time before you move house. The whole family is looking forward to living in a new place and a new beginning. But excitement is not the only emotion to accompany this situation, there is also a lot of uncertainty and stress that can build up during this time.

Moving house doesn’t need to be stressful at all. If you have a plan and a moving house check list of all the things that need to be done you are ready.

One of the most important decisions will be to consider whether or not to use Removalists to help you move. This decision will affect the way you pack and prepare your items for the move.

Furniture Removalists

If you do decide to use Removalists it is wise to conduct a little research and find the best Furniture Removalists in the area, who are reasonably priced and will do the job well. If there are a lot of Removal Companies in your area consider checking their reviews and compare them. If you decide not to hire Furniture Movers, remember that you may still need to rent truck / Taxi Truck or a trailer and take a day or two off work.

In the weeks before you move house it is recommended that you request changing your address with all the institutions that require it. It is also a good idea to consider redirecting your mail with Australia Post for at least a few months to allow more time for the change to take full effect.

Some institutions you may need to contact and inform of your chance of address:  the taxation office, the road traffic authority, phone company including your mobile phone providers, internet provider, pay TV company, electricity / gas company, your landlord agent, insurance companies, superannuation fund, your employer, Centrelink if necessary, Medicare, kids schools/day care, banks, and even libraries.

Once your change of address is taken care of you can start thinking about packing. Prepare yourself by organizing cardboard boxes in very sizes, sticky tape – the stronger the better, scissors, different colour markers and some paper, or bubble wrap. Allow plenty of time, packing one room at a time. The most frequently used rooms should be packed last. While packing prepare one box with the essentials so you can use it even if you didn’t unpack anything else.

Make sure the required items from below are completed and your move will be as smooth as it can be:

  • choose Furniture Removalists if using one
  • gather any medical, dental, and / or school records, pet records
  • organise new connections for your new place like phone, internet, gas, and electricity
  • make sure to backup your computer hard drive
  • return all library books, DVDs etc
  • make sure to eat all the food in your freezer and fridge
  • disassemble outdoor furniture and all prefabricated furniture
  • organise self-storage where appropriate
  • make appointments for your pets if necessary to be moved securely to your new house
  • arrange mail redirection at the post office
  • before leaving your old house make sure to check all the cupboards, make sure that all taps, switches, heaters, air conditioners and lights are turned off and close all the windows and doors.
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