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We have put together a list of FAQ’s, however if you cannot find the question or answer you are looking for please contact Paul Adams Removals & Taxi Trucks on 08 8244 930 who will be happy to help.

How much does a Local Removal Service cost?

Generally a Local Removal Service is charged on an hourly rate. The cost of a Local Removal Service depends on;

  • Date and time of relocation
  • Travel Time - closest depot location
  • Access for loading and unloading furniture from your house to the truck
  • Number of Trucks required
  • Size of Truck required
  • Number of Removalists required
  • Distance - Where you are moving from and where to

Please contact us for our rates as “Promotional and/or Senior Discounts” are often available. Estimates may be given over the phone or in response to an email. (An estimate is an assessment based on the information we receive. It is not a firm price quote. You will be charged an hourly rate plus materials or any other services if required).

How much does a Country or Intestate Removal Service cost?

Generally a Country or Intestate Removal Service is quoted. The cost of a Country or Intestate Removal Service depends on;

  • Date and time of relocation
  • Travel Time - closest depot location
  • Access for loading and unloading furniture from your house to the truck
  • Number of Trucks required
  • Size of Truck required
  • Number of Removalists required
  • Distance - Where you are moving from and where to

Please make an appointment for a consultant to visit you for a FREE Quote Or An Estimate may be given over the phone or in response to an email. (An estimate is an assessment based on the information we receive. It is not a firm price quote.)

Are there any other Removal costs?

There are other services that can be included in a Removal Service such as;

  • Packing and Unpacking Service
  • Cleaning Service
  • Storage and
  • Packaging Materials –Cartons, Bubble wrap or Plastic covers
Can we hire a Truck and Driver only?

This is a cheaper option that we are happy to provide but you will need to supply physically strong assistance to load and unload your furniture if 2 men are required.

Can I get a Fixed Quote?

Yes, we are confident to offer a Personalised Quotation Service on larger furnished homes, country moves and office relocations. An appointment is necessary for a consultant to visit your home or business. Our Quote Service is FREE with no obligation.

Can I get an Estimated Quote on my Inventory List?

Yes, we also offer an estimated quote if you send us an inventory list via email, fax or post. Click on “Quick Quote” to submit this information to us.

Can I send an Inventory List to receive a Fixed Quote?

Yes, we provide Fixed Quotes via email on all homes, country moves and office relocations. We do require further information on the pickup and delivery address, pickup and delivery day and time, loading access and contact details. Subject to all items being listed and there are no delays due to access or delivery.

Click on “Quick Quote” to complete information and submit.

Do the Hourly Rates vary?

The lowest removal rate is during the week but we also have “Promotional and Senior Discounts available if you can move at an off-peak time, so consider this possibility when scheduling your move.

Are we able to move on the weekends or after hours?

Of course this is available; Saturday rates are a little bit more though. We also realise you may require a more convenient time such as Sundays, Public Holidays and After Hours. Please call for more information.

What size truck do I require?

Hire a Removal Service that has the right size truck available for your move. Paul Adams Removal consultants will be able to advise you.

Do the Removal Trucks have equipment and protective pads to move and protect our furniture?

All Removal Trucks have equipment such as quilted pads and furniture trolleys, but we do need to know if you have a piano or extra large heavy item that requires a flat bed trolley so that we can provide this.

Is insurance included in hiring a Removal Service?

Paul Adams Removals carry;

  • Transit Insurance of up to $75,000 and are
  • Adequately insured for carrier's liability, public liability and worker's compensation.
Are my furniture and possessions covered for any Loss or Damage?

Unfortunately it is a common misconception that removalists insure your property and household items but by law removalists are unable to insure your individual items unless they are a registered insurance agent. We recommend Accidental Loss or Damage Insurance for furniture and household contents whilst they are being relocated, though we assure you that we take the utmost care with every move.

Where can I get Accidental Loss or Damage Insurance for my furniture and goods?

If you already have Home Contents Insurance, they may already cover Accidental Loss or Damage. If you require cover we recommed Allianz for Domestic Removals & Storage Cover which can be purchased through their website- www.removalsinsurance.com.au

When should I start Packing?

If you are doing your own packing, start at least a month prior to your move; plan carefully and you will save time, money and minimize the workload for yourself. Don't just pack everything, sort through it. There's no sense in moving a lot of stuff you don't want. Decide what you're going to throw out, sell or give away.

Does Paul Adams Removal provide a Packing Service?

Yes, we can provide a Pack or Unpack Service. Please call us for a quote.

How far in advance should we book a Pack or Unpack Service?

On booking your Removal Service, please make arrangements for us to do this at least a day or two before your move.

Where can I get New Boxes and Packaging Materials?

You can purchase a variety of boxes, tape and packaging material from us. Click on “Packaging Materials” for our product list.

Do you hire boxes?

No, but we sell standard cartons, book carton and portable robes at an inexpensive cost. Please call us or send an email for a price.

What is the best way to label boxes?

If you are unpacking straight away it is best to write the contents and which room they need to go on the tape so that your details can be removed easily that way you may be able to use the boxes again. If they are being stored for a long time you may need to write more detsils on the carton.

Do I need to be present during the move?

Yes, you or a person on your behalf must be present to sign our standard contract conditions and be available to instruct the removalists. You or a person on your behalf will also need to pay the removalist and sign for the receipt of goods.

Do you place everything in position in my new home?

The removalist will place and reassemble furniture in your new home according to your instructions. Measuring and planning in advance for the placement of furniture will help. Please keep in mind indecisiveness can result in additional time and cost to reposition furniture.

Can I use my own boxes?

Yes but be aware that not all cartons are suitable for furniture removals. Paul Adams Removal Cartons are strong and of standard sizes so they are designed to stack neatly when loaded. Using inappropriate cartons may cause damage to the contents and make handling difficult and slow.

Can I pack my boxes myself?

Packing is time consuming and physical, hard work. While packing you will need to lift and stack fully loaded cartons. A small carton of books can weigh 25-35 kilograms. We have experienced packers to pack your belongings for you. Please call us for a quote. Also depending on the type of insurance you have you may not be covered if there are any breakages in owner packed boxes and the removalist will also take no responsibility.

How can I pack my possessions carefully in boxes?

Paul Adams offers a few suggestions;

  • Keep an Inventory List –
    • Detail items in each box and the box number in case you need to find something after it's packed
  • Mark your Boxes –
    • Write a brief description of items in each box and which room you want it put in on delivery.
  • Spare Boxes –
    • Ensure you have enough boxes for those things you can't pack until the last minute.
  • Boxes you'll need to keep with you throughout the day–
    • Refreshments and snacks- coffee, tea, sugar, cups, teaspoon, glasses, kettle, cordial, soft drink, milk, biscuits, chips etc.
    • Tool Box for reassembling desks, computers, shelving and other items.
  • Boxes you'll need right away mark "Open First" with a brief description –
    • Breakfast Items-coffee, tea, cups, glasses, kettle, toaster, bread, toppings etc.
    • School Uniforms-if children are at school the following day
    • Bedding-sheets, quilts etc.
  • Crockery and Delicate Items –
    • Boxes that require special care use "FRAGILE" stickers and
    • "THIS END UP" arrows on cartons.
    • Wrap all items separately to protect fine surfaces in packing paper or bubble wrap, not newspaper to avoid ink stains.
    • Pack flat items such as china dishes, mirrors and pictures, on edge.
    • Use towels and blankets as extra padding at the bottom and sides between layers and at the top and in any empty spaces between articles.
    • Pack small articles in small boxes or wrap in coloured paper and nestle them into a larger box.
  • Books –
    • Pack on edge
    • Use Book Cartons which are smaller, thicker based cartons.
    • Do not use large cartons as they are not as strong and will become too heavy.
  • Electronics and Computer Equipment –
    • Pack in the boxes they came in whenever possible and
    • Tape down moving parts to avoid damage during the move.
    • Remember to make any last-minute backups before packing your computer equipment.
    • Put all components, operating manuals, cables and other essentials in clearly marked containers and keep them together.
    • Label cords and outlets to avoid confusion when setting up again
  • CDs, Records, DVD’s and Tapes –
    • Put on edge
    • Pack tightly so they don't shift around.
  • Clothing –
    • Use “Portable Robes” or
    • The back seat of your car.
  • Harmful Substances –
    • Clearly mark any boxes containing paints, fertilizers, insecticides etc.
    • Ensure lids are tightly closed
    • Placed in strong cartons and padded firmly to avoid spillage.
    • Do not overfill cartons. They should weigh less than 23 kg (50 lbs).
  • Liquids –
    • Fasten and tape lids
    • Seal in a plastic bag and
    • Place upright in a carton.
  • Scissors or tools
    • Pack and wrap any sharp edges carefully to prevent injury.
  • Electrical cords –
    • Roll and tie so they will not tangle
  • General Cartons –
    • Carton should not be so large that it obstructs your view or
    • Weighs more than 23 kg (50 lbs) when carried
    • Do not overfill or under fill cartons; as this increases the risk of damage. o Tops must close flat and be sealed with tape.
    • Pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top.
    • Pack articles snugly so they will not shift, use linen as padding.
What do I do with items that are not going with the Removalist?
  • Items that are to remain in the house –
    • Place a "Do Not Move" sign on items
  • Items that will travel with you –
    • Transfer Important documents, valuables (jewellery, furs, etc.) boxes, suitcases or other items in your car early before the removalist gets there.
    • Or allocate a place out of the removalist’s way and mark "Owner Moving".
How can I prepare furniture ready for the Removalist?
  • Disassemble Furniture –
    • Place bolts, fasteners and assembly instructions in a plastic bag and
    • Tape to the underside of one of the pieces.
  • Furniture and Mattresses Protection –
    • Furniture blankets are used by removalists but
    • “Plastic Covers” are also available for extra protection.
  • Washing Machine –
    • Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Fill the tub with blankets or stuffed animals to keep it secure during transport.
    • Washing Machines should be disconnected and emptied.
    • Ideally the drum should be locked with the original locking bolts.
  • Fridge and Freezer–
    • Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Defrost day or two before removal and wipe dry.
    • Have esky’s available to empty fridge on the morning of move.
    • Secure drawers inside the fridge
  • Lampshades –
    • Pack separately and take light bulbs out of sockets.
  • Brooms, Mop handles and Curtain rods –
    • Tie in bundles.
    • Empty all desk and bedside drawers but
    • Don’t tape drawers shut as this could cause damage to your furniture
  • Electrical Appliances –
    • Ensure all pieces are packed in firmly so they don't come loose and pack any glass pieces separately.
  • Microwave –
    • Remember to remove glass plate and pack separately.
  • Divan Beds –
    • Drawers in divan beds should be emptied
  • Plants –
    • Please let us know if you have large pots or numerous plants
How can I assist the Removalist?
  • Access and Parking
    • The truck must be able to park outside your property whilst loading and unloading.
    • If we are not able to park off the road and you have parking bays or yellow lines on the road please arrange with the local authorities for special exemption for parking.
    • If your current home or the new home has difficult access for large, please let us know on booking so that we can arrange for a smaller vehicle to carry out the delivery.
Who do I notify I'm moving?
  • Notify all utility companies that you are moving and take final meter readings
    • Gas
    • Electricity
    • Water supplier
    • Telephone Service
    • Mobile Phone Service
    • Internet Provider
  • You can also ask to forward mail for a period at the
    • Post office
  • Notify all personal services of change of address
    • Doctor
    • Dentist
    • Banks
    • Health fund
    • Medicare
  • Notify Department of Transport
    • Car
    • Boat
    • Caravan etc.
    • Drivers License
  • Notify all Employment services
    • Employer
    • Employment Agency
    • Centrelink
    • Superannuation Scheme
    • Union
  • Notify all Children services
    • School
    • School Dentist
    • School Bank
  • Notify all Loan Services
    • Radio Rentals etc.
Do you move plants?

Plants generally do not travel well. They cannot be stacked and occupy a lot of space during transport; however Paul Adams is prepared to move plants when requested. Please be aware that ceramic pots and wine barrels become brittle with age and exposure to the elements.

There are quarantine restrictions when moving interstate and more importantly soil cannot be moved to certain agricultural regions.

How many cartons will I need?

Estimating how many cartons you will need is difficult. A small home will probably require the starter pack of 10 standard and 10 book cartons. A larger home would require 20 of each.

If you require more boxes you should then be able to estimate the usage. If you are unsure of exactly how many cartons you may need, order extra, unused cartons can be reunded. You will need to give back the unused cartons to our removal crew before loading commences so they can keep track of the returns. It is preferable to over order to avoid the necessity of additional deliveries.

  • Starter pack contains;
  • 10 Standard Cartons - General all-purpose large carton used for folded clothes, linen and household items
    • 10 Book Cartons - Small carton used for heavy items like wine, books or sealed groceries. They are also used to pack fragile items that that should not be layered like crystal glasses.
  • Other cartons you may wish to purchase are;
    • Crystal Cartons - Well cushioned double layer corrugated cardboard. Suitable for crystal and dinnerware
    • Crockery Cartons - Have dividers to pack away glassware or crockery
    • Picture Cartons - Specifically for picture frames or artwork

We have many other varieties of sizes for specific items; see “Packaging Materials”.

  • Port-a-Robes - Have rods inside which are used for hanging clothes

Port-a-Robes are usually brought along on moving day and retrieved at the unload address. A hire fee is charged for each Port-a Robe used. If you require Port-a-Robes to be left on site a refundable deposit is charged.

How long will your quote be valid?

Our quotes are valid for acceptance within two months from the quotation date, provided we are permitted to commence work within one month of acceptance.

What happens to the cartons after I move?

Used cartons can be an annoyance to deal with after a move. Paul Adams Removals reuse or recycle packaging material wherever possible. We sometimes accept return of standard cartons, book cartons and Port-A-Robes. Cartons need to be in good condition, unlabelled and flattened to receive a refund.

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