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Why Hire Furniture Removalists

If you are looking to move house in Adelaide, a furniture removal service can be a great help with what could otherwise be a very strenuous task. Furniture can be heavy, large and awkward to carry, and even if you are accustomed to lifting heavy objects, you are still open to all sorts of injuries. This makes hiring a furniture removalist a safe and efficient option.

So what are some of the reasons you should hire a furniture removalist?

Time and Labor Cost

Furniture removalists in Adelaide can be busy on the weekends as there is more demand for their services. If you are not looking to spend your weekend moving furniture and would instead prefer to do it during the week, then you will likely have job that will prevent you from doing so. There in order to save your time and have the job done in one day, hiring a furniture removalist can help you do so.


Removing furniture requires some thought as to what you will use to protect the objects. Professionals know what you should wrap, what you should place in boxes and what type of materials to use. Finding and purchasing these materials is also another burden that you can leave in the hands of others.


If you have a couch or something larger to carry and you own a small call you will likely need to hire another vehicle such as a van or a ute to help you move. With a ute you will still have to do multiple trips between your old and new destination and this can end up taking multiple trips and even multiple days. Hiring a professional means that you have access to the space of a van so everything gets moved in a much shorter period of time.


Moving furniture is a very awkward process regardless of your strength. Lifting without property technique or accidentally lifting something that is too heavy can leave you with debilitating injuries, most commonly back pain. Outsourcing the labour to someone who is accustomed to the process is a smart investment.

Damage and Safety

A furniture removalist knows how to transport your belongings from one place to the next without damaging them. Having dealt with the process hundreds or thousands of times they know how to move objects in and out of various locations as well as how to effectively place them in a vehicle to prevent damage whilst moving.


You may have insurance, but your insurance won’t necessarily cover the costs of damage that happens on the move. With a removalist, check that their insurance policy covers these types of damages and therefore the responsibility is on them should anything be broken.

Once you have decided to allow a professional to help you with your move, you will want to choose a removalist. You should look for a removalist with a good reputation either via word of mouth or online and one with competitive rates. You may also want to consider if they have extra removal services, such as:

  • Assembling/disassembling furniture
  • Pre-packing and unpacking
  • Boxes and packaging Material

Hiring a furniture removalist is ultimately a good investment. Though it may appear more economically viable to do the work yourself, when you consider the time cost, physical labour and injury risk, potentially having to hire a vehicle and the insurance against damages, paying a furniture removalist in Adelaide is a decent investment.

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